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Our hand crafted itineraries lay out a paced and logical format to sightseeing in Washington, D.C.
Everyone has something unique they want to see or to do on their Washington, D.C. visit. We organize our itineraries by themes making them easy to search. We also customize our tour to the needs of our travelers


We will see the Jefferson Building from outside and hear about the library history
U.S. Capitol -
A grand symbol of the United States Government, the Capitol Building on Capitol Hill is recognized across the world as one of our country’s most prominent icons of Democracy.
Architecturally magnificent, neoclassical building built in 1935. The Supreme Court is the highest judiciary authority in the United States and hears about 100 cases each year, although more than 7,000 are submitted before them.
Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is unlike any other library in the world. The world’s largest library, it is home to more than 100 million books, maps, recordings, manuscripts, films and photos including items from Thomas Jefferson’s personal collection
U.S. Botanic Garden
No matter what time of year it is, the lush greenery and gorgeous plants are always thriving at the United States Botanic Garden.
The official residence and workplace of the president of the United States. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. We'll also visit the St. John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square. Every sitting president has attended the church at least once since it was built in 1816
The National Mall is America’s most-visited national park, where the past, present and future come together. The museums, monuments and memorials in this park honor American forefathers
A memorial to the Founding Father and the 3-rd President of the United States, and the founder of the Democratic Party,
The Lincoln Memorial was built to resemble a Greek temple, a tribute to President Abraham Lincoln and the nation he fought to preserve during the Civil War (1861-1865).
We will also visit at the grounds of the temple area, the Vietnam and the Korean War Memorials, and take a glimpse at the Albert Einstein Memorial, a monumental bronze statue depicting Albert Einstein seated with manuscript papers in hand - by sculptor Robert Berks.


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